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  • "LOVE the moisturizer! Thank you! It's amazing how little I needed to use!" - Amanda G., Iowa
  • "I have found the grapefruit scrub to be the absolute best thing for my skin!" - Jill S., Minnesota 
  • "The eye make-up remover is AMAZING!! My eyelashes are longer and the bags and dark circles under my eyes are significantly reduced!! - Michelle S., Iowa
  • "I've been using your facial cleanser and toner along with the facial scrub and I absolutely love everything about them!" - Haley S., Iowa
  •  "I wanted to write to just tell you how happy I am with the skin care products... I feel like after less than a week, it has taken years off my face. It feels nice and soft and smooth now instead of all dry and papery. THANK YOU." - Alicia C.; California



Struggling with acne, premature aging or excessive dryness? Or perhaps you're simply looking for natural products that will keep your skin looking its best. Whatever your reasons, we have products that will help. And...we keep it simple. Enough products for different skin types, but not too many that you're left wondering which to choose.

To get the best results from our skin care line, we recommend the following: 

  • Your daily skin care regimen should consist of these steps twice a day:
  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner (for normal to dry skin) or  Astringent (for oily or acne-prone skin).
  3. Moisturizer (for normal to dry skin) or Moisturizing Serum (oily/acne-prone skin or for day time use for all skin types)
  • In addition to these daily steps, ensure your skin looks its best by exfoliating with our Facial Scrub 1-2 times weekly and detoxifying and tightening with our Facial Mask once weekly.



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