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  • I absolutely LOVE my new cleanser and facial serum!" Emily O., Iowa
  • "Love your products!" Erika M., Colorado
  • I so love that every time I order a Haitian will be able to obtain pure water for 3 years." Shirley K., Washington
  • "My daughter's face has made amazing improvements since using your stuff. Thank you. Thank you." June B., Iowa
  • "I'm thrilled with your products!" Shannon S., Minnesota
  • "I LOVE the products...I can already tell a difference in my skin!" Jadee R., Iowa
  • "I LOVE your all-purpose cleaner!!! It's amazing!" Kristy M., Iowa
  • "I've been using your products...and I totally love them!" Kris J., Iowa


Thanks for visiting Jenuinely Pure!

I created Jenuinely Pure in the fall of 2008 with a vision of creating high quality, handmade, truly natural products at an affordable price. As a full-time mom, I was passionate about finding natural products, but was often frustrated that they were either not truly "natural" or were much too expensive for my family. Out of this frustration, Jenuinely Pure was born!

Perhaps you have had these same frustrations. Or, maybe you’re on a search to find products to help with a particular skin problem like eczema or acne. Well, rest assured - here you will only find products that are 100% natural, safe for you and your children, and good for our environment.  It's our promise. Plus, we know you’ll find that choosing natural products doesn’t mean you have to compromise on effectiveness.

We believe what you put on your body has a tremendous impact on your health and our mission is to provide you with excellent products you can use with confidence. We are also passionate about educating our customers on why it is so important to Make the Switch to natural, pure and safe products.

 With you on the path to true health,

-Jenny Drew, Founder


jenny-with-easton.jpgJenny Drew, Founder : I am the mother of three amazing young children and have been married to my wonderful & supportive husband, Isaac, for over 9 years.  My educational background is in Nursing (I received my degree as a Registered Nurse in 2004), but I put that career on hold to pursue full time motherhood and my passion of all things natural. It is one of my life’s goals to educate people about healthy living. It has been incredible to see how God has used this company to help so many struggling with different skin problems & how He’s opened people’s eyes to the importance of making “natural” choices. To Him be the glory!

heidi-and-girls.jpgHeidi Heintz, CEO (Chief ExecutiveOfficer):  I began using Jenny’s products soon after she founded the company in 2008.  As demand began to grow beyond what Jenny could handle, and because I was excited about the changes the products made with my children's eczema, I was eager to begin working with her in 2009. In early 2011, I partnered with her and took over all areas of production.  I've been married to my husband, James, for 17 years and we have been blessed with four children ages 6-12.  As a homeschooling mom, I am excited about bringing my children alongside to "help" with the business.  :) 






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