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                                                                  [even more reasons to buy with confidence!]

"I had been thinking about switching from my long time skin care company (the same one my mom started me on at age 12) because it was getting too expensive, and I wasn't thrilled with the chemical concentrations. I decided to try Jenuinely Pure, but I didn't believe the product would surpass my old standby. Easy to use, less steps and mess, and my skin looks it's best. Not only have I ditched the old skin care, I've ditched make-up (save a bit of concealer and mascara) as well. Instead of looking drab, I keep getting compliments. Thank you for such a healthy wonderful product!" - Kristin

"I absolutely LOVE my new cleanser and facial serum. Already in three days I have seen an improvement in my skin. Your products are the bee's knees!" - Emily O., Iowa

"Honestly, your foaming soap is the only thing I have wanted to use to wash my hands with since I got it, and your bath soap is lovely too; I especially like the orange clove - such an abundance of wonderful silky lather, and yet rinses off so easily.  Also the all-purpose cleaner has been really pleasant to use and has been very effective for all the uses I have tried so far, and  it leaves things smelling so fresh and clean. Oh, and by way, I so love the idea that every time I order a Haitian will be able to obtain pure water for 3 years." - Shirley K., Washignton

"I hesitated to try the Jenuinely Pure facial line at first because everything I had ever tried on my face seemed all about the same.  None of it ever made any difference in my breakouts and I had given up on trying.  I finally decided to try the Jenuinely Pure facial products and within a few weeks, my face was clear.  It hasn't been like this since before my teen years.  It's wonderful!  Thank so much!" - Wendy R., Iowa

"Just tried the body oil and I am in LOVE!! What a fabulous product!" - Shannon S., Minnesota

"LOVE the moisturizer! Thank you! It's amazing how little I needed to use! I applied twice to my forehead, as that is the most dry - and I barely have any dry patches this afternoon!" - Amanda G., Iowa

"I also wanted to write to just tell you how happy I am with the whole skin care thing ... I feel like after less than a week, it has taken years off my face. It feels nice and soft and smooth now instead of all dry and papery. THANK YOU." - Alicia C., California

"I've had itchy skin all of my life after I get out of the shower and have never been able to find a product that helped to relieve the itching... Until I found Jenuinely Pure! I used the bar soap and had absolutely no itching! As soon as I ran out of the soap I started to itch like crazy again. From now on I will always keep stocked up on Jenuinely Pure products! Thank you so much!" - Lynn O., Ankeny, IA

"I love the products! They feel and smell great." - Abigail W., Iowa

"It is so hard to find affordable natural products!  This is awesome!  I will spread the word!  What a bonus that it is a local business!" - Tara V., Iowa

"I've been using your products and I totally love them.  Thank you.  My daughter is thrilled.  She feels like her skin is looking much better and that her acne is not as bad." - Kris J., Iowa

"I'm thrilled w/ your products so I will continue to support your wonderful business. Still LOVING the cleaner- I spray it everywhere! And I LOVE the make-up remover too- it's great. I've been really happy w/ the facial cream- I thought it would be too 'much' for my skin, but after using it for a while- I LOVE it. I was
worried that I would be too oily, but not at all. Thanks for making such great products Jen! " - Shannon S., Minnesota

"I absolutely WILL NOT be without the lip balm...I get really dry rough patches on my lips, and this product is the only thing that clears them up...and FAST!  The flavors are great, it is not greasy at all, and it lasts a long time!  Thanks to Jenny and her fabulous customer service, I never have to worry about running out! I am truely impressed!!!  I mean that!! I can't wait to share this with my daughter and daughter in law--And your prices will really help them out too!!!  Thank you so much--we will be in touch" - Kim D., Iowa

I have found the grapefruit scrub to be the absolute best thing for my skin!  I no longer need to do 3 steps of wash, tone and moisturize and only wash my skin once a day!  I save both time and money by needing only one product that makes my skin the healthiest it has been with any product!" - Jill S., Minnesota

"I do LOVE the products!!! They are AWESOME!" - Manda G., Iowa

"We have become big believers in soap nuts...not only do our clothes come out clean, but we avoid the heavy chemicals in regular detergents and the high costs associated with them!" - Nick W., Iowa (www.wallacefarms.com)

"I LOVE your all-purpose cleaner!!! It's amazing! I spilled red dye on my kitchen counter and immediately wiped it up with some soap and water, which did nothing. I grabbed your cleaner (and honestly i wasn't expecting it to work because nothing cleans up spilled dye...especially red dye). I sprayed some on and sprinkled on just a bit of extra baking soda and it came out! I was shocked! Anyway, you and your cleaner are basically awesome. :) Just wanted you to know." - Kristy M., Iowa

"My girls have very sensitive skin and a variety of allergies and always had irritated skin after their baths because of the soap.  Since we started using your soap, we haven't had to deal with the eczema or irritations anymore!  Thanks! And, I love that I can let my girls do cleaning jobs around the house without worry because your products are chemical-free!" - Jessica S., Iowa 

"My face is the clearest its been since before my pre-teens probably..my pores are minimized & skin is soo soft, and the scrub and toner are also amazing, so i wanna get the whole works." - Brianna E, Iowa

"I could've screamed!, when I came home from my girls night out on Thursday night and noticed the puppy poo that was smeared and embedded into the carpet (think dark brown stain on light colored carpet) or when our other dog got blood all over my potterybarn pillowcase and new pillow in the middle of the night, but have no fear, everything came out - without even scrubbing! AMAZING- thanks to your All Purpose Cleaner!  Great job on creating such a powerful (and safe) cleaner! ...I do have one problem with the All-Purpose Cleaner -  I won't be getting new flooring, since I got the poo stain out!  :)" - Anonymous., Iowa 

"I wanted to take a before and after picture of my daughter so you could see the difference since she has been using your facial products. She is doing so much better….she still has some blemishes but the redness and irritated looking skin is  gone.  So thank you, thank you." - June B., Iowa

"I love the jenuinely pure All Purpose Cleaner....I use it on every surface in my house.  It smells great, and I know it is 100% safe for my pets and my grandchildren--that is very important to me---no harsh chemicals.  It removes spots from my carpet like no other cleaner I've ever used.  Thanks Jenny for this wonderful product!" - Kim D., Iowa

"Before I used the foaming hand soap I would have cracks on the tips of my fingers by the nails just about all winter long and sometimes in the summer. I would have several bandaids with antibiotic on and looked a sight.  Some of the cracks just would not heal for 3-4 weeks.  Then my daughter told me about Jenuinely Pure soap, so I tried it.  That is all I keep in two bathrooms now.  My hands rarely have a crack and I believe they are softer also.  What  a huge relief!" - Deb F., Iowa

"I've been using your facial cleanser and toner along with the facial and body scrubs and I absolutely love everything about them!" - Haley S., Iowa

"I LOVE the products...I can already tell such a difference in my skin! :)" - Jadee R., Iowa

"I recently received a facial, and they used some of your products.  It was my favorite part of the facial!" - Kendra M., Iowa

"Thanks for the products. I am enjoying them. The All Purpose Cleaner is amazing." - Lindsey G., Iowa

"Got my order! Fastest regular shipping ever! Already used the vanilla lip balm and the All Purpose Cleaner - love them. Using the face stuff tonight!" - Katelyn L, Illinois

"[Your] face cleanser and toner have left my skin feeling so refreshed and pure. I'm lovin' it!" Laura from Heavenly Homemakers

"I absolutely LOVE the lip balm. It's so smooth, and lasts on my lips even through a snacking! Thank you for sending it all the way to Sydney, Australia!" - Sharon A., Australia

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